Obrałem Ziemniaka

Yesterday my friend shared a video with me. It's a teaser for Melbourne International Film Festival that starts on 21st July (I wish I could go!!!).
It's so hilarious that I've decided to post it on my blog. It makes it even more funny for me, because my Canadian friend used to joke that Polish people always talk about potatoes... and now me and my Polish friend nickname each other 'ziemniak'. Actually I got the link from him.



Our Trip to Bukit Broga!

I've been a big fan of Bukit Gasing for almost a year now, but this time me and my friends decided to spice things up and go on a proper hiking trip! Destination: Bukit Broga!

It's maybe one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. We managed to get there even without a GPS, but please don't ask me about the way ;P I only know that it's across the street from a rabbit farm...

The threat of storm didn't stop us. Having cloudy sky wasn't actually such a bad thing as Bukit Broga has grass and rocks only. No rainforest, no palm trees, no shadow. Moreover, there was a mild chilly wind which made the trip even better.
We all fell in love with the beautiful view! I strongly recommend Broga Hill if you're around KL and looking for a nice place to hike :)


Life in a Day

Do you remember what you did on 24th July 2010? Do you know what will you do on 24th July this year?
Well, I have an idea for you.
Go to youtube channel and see a documentary called "Life in a Day".
It's a historic cinematic experiment that attempts to document one day, as seen through the eyes of people around the world. People have captured a snapshot of their life on camera and Kevin Macdonald (director of The Last King of Scotland) has edited the most compelling footage into a feature documentary film. It was produced by Ridley Scott and will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. You will be able to see it on youtube on 24th July 2011.


Proboscis Monkey

Just came back from wknd in Borneo! I'm really glad I had a chance to see proboscis monkey from so close! It's so cute :)