Pantai Grand Casino Night

Once in a while there comes a time when you decide to throw a house party. This one was my first in my flat in Malaysia. Reason for celebration was indeed very important. Namely, one of our flat mates, Gabi, is leaving Malaysia for good. Heading now to South America! Wow, that's going to be an awesome journey. Especially that the carnival is coming. Rio de Janeiroooooo! ooh I'm jealous... just a little bit ;)
Our casino opened its doors last night and filled out with gamblers ready to win it all! We played Texas Hold'em Poker, Black Jack and dices. It was actually really cool to spend a night with friends and play cards and drink instead of just drinking as it usually is ;) Hopefully everyone enjoyed it. Those who missed it - shame on you! However, now that we have all the cards and chips and pantai dollars, we might repeat it some time soon. I think I got addicted! 
To sum it up, party was great. (Although it finished with the security guards kicking us out, so we had  to go to good old Changkat ;)).


fish fish shark fish stingray

What can you do in KL during wknd apart from partying? Yyyyyyy... go to aquaria KLCC? ok, there's more to see than that, but we chose to see it last week. It was ok, but it wasn't anything special. To be honest, I prefer doing snorkeling rather than watching fish in aquariums. However, it was fun and we saw some interesting creatures. Check it out on my flat mates picasa.


你好 - nǐhǎo!

New Year. New resolutions. New challenges. 
Couple of weeks ago I've joined YMCA and started conversational Mandarin language course. The objective is to learn how to speak Mandarin, writing Chinese characters is a different story... It takes six years to learn how to write. Therefore we use Pinyin which is a romanization system for Standard Mandarin and language seems more friendly in a way. The toughest part is tones. In Mandarin there are four tones and it's really hard to pronounce syllables correctly. You have to pronounce each syllable separately, even if you speak fast. Grammar is quite easy, so far. Main focus is on vocabulary. 
Honestly I'm really excited about learning a new language. Two lessons a week are fun but at the same time exhausting - they fry my brain! 
23.7% of Malaysia's population are Malaysians of Chinese descent and in my office they make around 75% of total employee number. My colleagues usually speak a mix of Cantonese and Mandarin. Last week I even tried to practice my freshly acquired language skills during lunch with Kah Chun and Doris. Was fun :) Now I'm even thinking of going to Beijing as AirAsia has a special offer for Chinese New Year. We'll see. I just booked my flight to Phuket, Thailand two days ago so now my mind is already on Koh Phi Phi, where I'll be following in Leonardo di Caprio's footsteps (movie The Beach)!


mowing my lawn

On first of January 2010 I dreamt that I was mowing lawn at my summer house. According to one of the online dream-books (yea I use them from time to time, but don't tell anybody), it means I will meet very happy and joyful people. Which is totally true if you look at how I spent my NYE 09 and following Saturday. We went with friends to see The Bloody Beetroots (that weren't as bloody good as I expected) and Basement Jaxx who were BRILLIANT!!! You can see these guys are experienced and know exactly what good music is. Actually, they played The Bloody Beetroots' Warp as well :) Talking about good music, recently I started using Hype Machine which resulted in visiting number of music blogs. Currently I have two favorite ones - DISCODUST and ME AND ALL MY FRIENDS
Visit them, cause they're worth it!
The best spot to hang out with mutants and hussains in 2010 is Starbucks terrace on top floor of Bangsar Village 2. Perfect for watching sunsets, playing card games and drinking sbucks coffee of course.