Pantai Grand Casino Night

Once in a while there comes a time when you decide to throw a house party. This one was my first in my flat in Malaysia. Reason for celebration was indeed very important. Namely, one of our flat mates, Gabi, is leaving Malaysia for good. Heading now to South America! Wow, that's going to be an awesome journey. Especially that the carnival is coming. Rio de Janeiroooooo! ooh I'm jealous... just a little bit ;)
Our casino opened its doors last night and filled out with gamblers ready to win it all! We played Texas Hold'em Poker, Black Jack and dices. It was actually really cool to spend a night with friends and play cards and drink instead of just drinking as it usually is ;) Hopefully everyone enjoyed it. Those who missed it - shame on you! However, now that we have all the cards and chips and pantai dollars, we might repeat it some time soon. I think I got addicted! 
To sum it up, party was great. (Although it finished with the security guards kicking us out, so we had  to go to good old Changkat ;)).


  1. guards come every time, they like parties :) You should have more parties! I wonder how many people came ....

  2. I think there was around 25 guests and us, the hosts ;) security guards came three times! yea, we should do that more often. well, i'm sure we'll play poker more often - now that we have the whole set :)