HOT'n'Merry Xmas

I have almost missed Christmas. It came so suddenly, out of nowhere. Who would expect Christmas in 30 C degree heat? All the xmas trees in shopping malls and reindeers outside look so absurd. Not to mention the artificial snow which snows in front of the main entrance to Pavilion. Honestly, I had lots of laugh when I saw a crowd by the entrance, amid big xmas trees, cheering and taking pictures of the falling snow. And I was wearing sun glasses.
However, the day before Christmas Eve it just hit me - it's Christmas and I'm alone far away from home. You can imagine how terribly homesick I felt. I was desperately longing to see all my family and friends back in Poland. But big girls don't cry. I made a Christmas dinner for my friends - couple of them were visiting me, and for my flat mate and his boss. Afterwards some more friends of mine came to have wine on our terrace and, to my amazement, this Christmas Eve was really great. The rest of Christmas I spent sunbathing and reading a book by the swimming pool which was even better haha. From time to time I may complain that it's Dec and there's no snow here, but all in all I really like this whole year long 24/7 summer!



party animals

- I'm going to Asia to find peace, contemplate about my life, find the meaning and purpose of it, meditate, listen to my inner voice... - Yea right, all I can hear now is electro & techno music in Barsonic :D my absolutely favorite club in KL! so here's an update on the KL nightlife. IT IS GREAT. 
Mainly because I've found some really cool people to hang out with and thanks to them all the parties are awesome. Traditionally we go to mamak for roti canai, nasi lemak, teh tarik and basically whatever you crave for after going wild on the dancefloor for several hours. Long Island Mug gives you the kick :P 


exploring KL

Now that I finally have some orientation in this town, it is the time to explore it further. Yesterday me and Mari went to fish spa to spoil our feet a bit. It was so ticklish that I couldn't stop myself from laughing! :D Afterwards we headed towards Kampung Baru - a Malay enclave in the heart of KL. It's the oldest residential area where ethnic Malay lifestyle is preserved. Big contrast to KLCC skyline. One LRT station further we were having this nice walk through KLCC park, taking pictures with bunch of Malay kids :P Finished our sightseeing with a visit to Skybar. The best view ever!


Batu Caves

Kuala Lumpur sightseeing continued. This time we have visited Batu Caves in Gombak (13km away from KL). "The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival ofThaipusam in MalaysiaThe limestone forming Batu Caves is said to be around 400 million years old." (wikipedia) My 'Janan' Mari (flatmate) is leaving Malaysia in 4 weeks and therefore wants to visit and see all the places she hasn't been to yet or simply wanted to revisit. Batu Caves was on her list as the last time she visited it there was Thaipusam festival taking place. Huge crowd. This time peaceful and relaxing sightseeing which we all enjoyed (there was Stan with his friends from Krakow as well - Polish rockband lol).272 steps to climb and here we are - amazing caves, beautiful shrine, bunch of monkeys and mysterious old woman. Next we have couple of mosques on the list. I'm glad I can do my sightseeing with Mari :-))) Stay tuned, more relations coming! 

more pics here


Fruit Stalls

Fruit stalls are brilliant. Fruit always fresh and tasty, and juice always in a plastic bag haha YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY !!! !!! !!!


Recently I realized that traveling is THE BEST topic for small talks in Malaysia. After 'how are you?' comes 'great, I've been to Pinang this wknd' :D and a bright smile. Then all the opinions come in, long list of places worth visiting and plans for the nearest future. This is so natural, cause how can you live in Malaysia and not travel?!? impossible ;P There are so many places to visit in Southeast Asia that I'm already compiling my list and it gets longer every time I talk to somebody. I'll keep you guys posted. P.S. I loved Pinang! Especially Georgetown and Kek Lok Si Temple (on the pic).


4 weeks

So it's been four weeks since I arrived in KL and I don't feel it at all. Time flies here! There are so many things happening, new people, new places, new responsibilities, Indian wedding and even guests from Poland :) Not to mention our funky backpackers trip to the most beautiful island I've ever been to - Perhentian. I wish I could spend every wknd there! However, wknds in town also have their advantages. We had lots of fun on Friday at Zouk (Barsonic) and on my bday dinner and AIESEC party at Palace of the Golden Horses on Sat. It's Mon and it's a day off, because of the National Day. Perfect time to do some sightseeing finally :)


where is the lake?!?

This Saturday we decided to chill out a bit in Lake Gardens. First we drank some teh tarik accompanied by Hornbills (dzioborożce lol), did some photo sessions in the hibiscus garden (hibiscus is the national Malaysian flower). Here comes a video from the ride through the lake gardens. Click here n enjoy!
I've also decided to interview some random German tourists and realized that I haven't seen the lake yet. lol Where's the lake?!? 


R O M A N C Z U K I E W I C Z @ AIMS :-)

Here we have a video from monthly company briefing where I introduced myself and all of my colleagues learned how to pronounce my surname :-) It was written on the glass wall. Those who were late for the meeting had to read it out loud themselves without knowing how to properly pronounce it. It was fun!!! :D (FYI: Guy in the white t-shirt is my boss.)


Finally in Kuala Lumpur!

Here's the view from my apartment in Pantai Hillpark :)))


Doha International Airport, Qatar

First time so far away from home, but still half way to my new home ;) Doha, Qatar. 33 Celsius degrees at 5am in the morning when we got out of the plane. Beautiful moon landscape. Dusty. Next stop - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Połomia - ostatnia wizyta przed KL

Ostatni przed wyjazdem do KL pobyt na wsi przebiegł jak wszystkie poprzednie. Długie spanie, jedzenie, wylegiwanie się to w słońcu to w cieniu, zacięte partie remika i pomiaukujące bezpańskie koty. Maliny jedynie jedzone garściami smakują przepysznie. Tata deklaruje pierwsze wino tego roku. Trzymam za słowo!