party animals

- I'm going to Asia to find peace, contemplate about my life, find the meaning and purpose of it, meditate, listen to my inner voice... - Yea right, all I can hear now is electro & techno music in Barsonic :D my absolutely favorite club in KL! so here's an update on the KL nightlife. IT IS GREAT. 
Mainly because I've found some really cool people to hang out with and thanks to them all the parties are awesome. Traditionally we go to mamak for roti canai, nasi lemak, teh tarik and basically whatever you crave for after going wild on the dancefloor for several hours. Long Island Mug gives you the kick :P 


  1. Hey, where are new posts? Am i missing something? Yes, i AM :)

  2. oh Mari, you can clearly see that i am not very good at blogging. it just doesn't excite me so much, but I will think of some new post - for you ;)