HOT'n'Merry Xmas

I have almost missed Christmas. It came so suddenly, out of nowhere. Who would expect Christmas in 30 C degree heat? All the xmas trees in shopping malls and reindeers outside look so absurd. Not to mention the artificial snow which snows in front of the main entrance to Pavilion. Honestly, I had lots of laugh when I saw a crowd by the entrance, amid big xmas trees, cheering and taking pictures of the falling snow. And I was wearing sun glasses.
However, the day before Christmas Eve it just hit me - it's Christmas and I'm alone far away from home. You can imagine how terribly homesick I felt. I was desperately longing to see all my family and friends back in Poland. But big girls don't cry. I made a Christmas dinner for my friends - couple of them were visiting me, and for my flat mate and his boss. Afterwards some more friends of mine came to have wine on our terrace and, to my amazement, this Christmas Eve was really great. The rest of Christmas I spent sunbathing and reading a book by the swimming pool which was even better haha. From time to time I may complain that it's Dec and there's no snow here, but all in all I really like this whole year long 24/7 summer!



  1. Asia, don't worry. There was no snow at Eve's so we had to throw mud at ourselves to simulate snowfight. Damn I can stil sand in my mouth :P

  2. mud fight hahaha i wish i could see that! HAPPY 2010!