4 weeks

So it's been four weeks since I arrived in KL and I don't feel it at all. Time flies here! There are so many things happening, new people, new places, new responsibilities, Indian wedding and even guests from Poland :) Not to mention our funky backpackers trip to the most beautiful island I've ever been to - Perhentian. I wish I could spend every wknd there! However, wknds in town also have their advantages. We had lots of fun on Friday at Zouk (Barsonic) and on my bday dinner and AIESEC party at Palace of the Golden Horses on Sat. It's Mon and it's a day off, because of the National Day. Perfect time to do some sightseeing finally :)


  1. Every weekend in Perhentian. Your skin could handle it? :)

  2. haha now i'm so tanned that i can handle even the strongest sun ;P I'm as dark as Siva's moustache :D