Berkelah Waterfalls

Recently I am traveling a lot. This week was public holiday - Chinese New Year (14th Feb - just like Valentine's Day). So the year of white metal tiger has begun. You can check your Chinese horoscope here lol. 
Ok, public holiday means Monday and Tuesday off! Me and my friends decided to go to the jungle in Taman Negara (national park). However, camping there during public holiday is impossible as many school trips book the campsite 3 months in advance... We had to come up with plan B quickly and that is how the idea of camping at Berkelah Waterfalls was born. 
We took two cars and four tents and drove to Kuantan. On our way we stopped at vintage second hand shop, where Carl bought himself a shirt. Shop was in the middle of a small village, so random. 
Camping by the river was amazing. Swimming in crystal clear water, climbing up the river, watching big waterfall at the top. Views were beautiful! We even saw couple of komodo dragons!!! We spent nights by the fire, chatting and watching the stars (the sky was so clear that you could see all stars and milky way, wow, you never see this in KL). The trip was magical and I loved it :D

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