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The longer I stay in Malaysia, the closer I get to the nature. Last weekend I went with my friends to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary in Pahang. It's only 1,5 hour away from Kuala Lumpur and it's perfect for a one day trip.
Agenda involves visiting aboriginal village, watching a movie that shows how wild elephants are captured and transported to Taman Negara, feeding the elephants, riding on an elephant and bathing with elephants in the river. Being with elephants in the water was the highlight of the trip! It's so much fun to stroke and splash 'small' elephants and then get splashed from their trunk in return :P
Would be cool to have your own elephant in the garden :D but for now two small fish in my living room must do.. Surprisingly they survived two months in the same water and I hope yesterday's change of water didn't kill them.My friend bought a pacman frog - it's tiny, green and unbelievably cute! You see I'm so sensitive to animal beauty nowadays. This Saturday I went to see a pony race :D I like horses too.
I love animals! Just like the Crookers.

south american horned frog

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