I've found my favorite place!

It is called The Baboon House.

I can't believe it took me over a year to finally go down to see Malacca - the oldest city in Malaysia. Maybe because great majority of trips I made around focused on visiting islands. Some of them twice or even three times... like Perhentian ;) Anyway, the reason I went to Malacca was that there was Art & Performance Festival going on over the weekend. A bit bored of KL nightlife I've decided to check MAP Fest out. There were various performances going on around Paul's Hill. Mainly dancers from different countries - Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, etc. It was really nice to just hang out there and watch the artists perform. City centre is quite small so you can walk everywhere. Malacca has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has charming Chinatown with narrow streets, number of little shops and restaurants. All buildings there have Peranakan architecture. Typical shophouse usually has the first hall, second hall, one or two courtyards or air wells, ancestral hall, bedrooms, bridal chamber and kitchen. It's absolutely amazing to see all these courtyards full of tropical plants. Like in The Baboon House. My favorite place.

The Baboon House is an art & craft shop with cafe attached. Their gourmet burgers are delicious! And even have dried seaweeds inside. Yummy!

Below pictures from art galleries in Chinatown.

Some of the performances.

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