Friends' visit

Again, I have subscribed to last.fm and can listen to whatever I like. To gently wake myself up I chose my friend's library. I have to admit his music taste is excellent and soon I'll start calling him my music guru. And though he is in Krakow and I'm in Kuala Lumpur, I can still keep myself updated with his new music choices as well as old classics.

Some of my friends from Krakow are even closer now. They're actually visiting me for couple of weeks and the schedule is tight and full of activities. Well... though there is this big plan, we don't get much things done as it's damn hot in the city now and sightseeing turns out to be more tiring than usual.
We went to Central Market. Everyone was screaming and giggling in fish spa. Especially girls!
My friends have seen most of the typical landmarks in the city. We've spent like one hour taking pictures with Petronas Twin Towers ;P

We've managed to do something unusual as well. On Sunday we went to see the Zapin dance show in ASWARA (my friend's uni). It was amazing!!! Great music, colorfully dressed dancers, full house. The whole show got me into sort of trance. One and half hour passed very quickly. Later on we had 'big Italian family' style dinner in Jalan Alor with my friends from Krakow and from KL :)
When my friends went to see Singapore, another Polish friend came to visit. Only for two days. However, he managed to get himself in some trouble with underground casino... so you can imagine there was a thrill, brainstorming how to get out of this situation, watching stars and palm trees and sipping cherry vodka in my swimming pool once we've figured out the solution. He's now in Thailand enjoying rest of his holiday. His visit in Malaysia was short, but unforgettable.

This wknd we're going to enjoy one of the Malaysian islands - Tioman! :)

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