Przerwa na piknik

Larry has finally posted some pictures from our trip to Tioman (in March lol). Well, better late than never. His Picasa album shows that East Coast rules. There's no doubt about it!
Haven't had the time lately to make any new posts. There's been a lot going on.
In brief, I decided to stay in Malaysia for one more year. I will still be working for the same company, AIMS DC Sdn Bhd.
Since March I've done some more traveling. In April I've been to Koh Lipe (Thailand) to celebrate Hani's bday :) Roughly a month ago I went to a jungle near Kuala Lipis to visit our Polish friends who are working on a Malaysian movie - HANYUT. Hanging out on the film set is quite cool. Now I understand you have to have a lot patience to work on a movie. It takes ages!
Last week I came back from Vietnam. This place is so beautiful you wouldn't believe. No wonder Ha Long Bay is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Kayaking there is amazing. Ania and I were doing some crazy amateur motorbike riding in rice paddy fields and mountain villages near Sapa, in Lao Cai region. Awesomeness. And of course, Hanoi - where crossing the street is most exciting thing you'll experience there lol oh, and I loved the food!

Book your tickets and visit me in Malaysia!

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