crazy times!

It might sound funny, but going back home for winter holiday was my best holiday ever! I've been away for so long that I have already forgotten how beautiful, magical and happening is my hometown - Kraków. I guess fresh cold air and snow played a significant role as well... Everyone who stays in tropical climate knows what I'm talking about ;P
There are couple of highlights of my trip that I would like to write about.
Crazy Guides Tour
We booked the Communism Deluxe tour. Basically the guide takes you with a trabant around communist district - Nowa Huta - and tells you the history of it. The best thing is riding in that car! So much fun and it brakes sometimes too. They have them in some crazy colors like bright green or red so it catches everyone's attention. We went to communist-era restaurant called Stylowa ;) Then we headed to Central Square and gates of steelworks Huta im.Sendzimira. Later to the unchanged genuine communist apartment to watch a propaganda movie, drink vodka shots and eat pickled cucumbers. Guys had the chance to drive trabant themselves! I chickened out... cause the road was icy and you change gears just next to the steering wheel. I mean how do you do that!??! Anyway, we had a really good time and I think it is obligatory to go for that communism tour for all visitors and Kraków habitants as well!

Next thing I have discovered with help of my friend. Otherwise it would be pretty hard to find it. I'm talking about a vintage shop hidden in Kazimierz district in one of the small and narrow streets, somewhere in an apartment up on the second floor. It's called Mulholland Drive and it's unique! They offer vintage clothing for both men and women as well as accessorize. I bought myself a cute watch :) so if you're in Kraków you should definitely pay a visit to that store. It's located on ul.sw.Katarzyny 4/9 off ul.Krakowska. Soon they will sell online too and ship to Malaysia hopefully :P You can find them on facebook.

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